Maybe there is Sawdust in my blood

I've never met a piece of wood I didn't like

As I grew older so did my desire for creativity.

For education I studied Engineering. After graduation, I designed everything from sidewalks to dams. I was good at it and was promoted to the building of my projects, the entire time creating many unique works of art as a sideline career.

After I retired the first time, i went to work with a specialty wood supplier where he had access to over 100 species of wood. A new world of creativity was opened to him.

Loving natures designs in a piece of wood I have created many specialty wood carvings custom furniture pieces.

The love for music lead me to creating cigar box guitars. Fake Luthiers they called us.

Most recently I purchased a laser engraver which opened a new avenue for our creativity.

I surely hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do