Sharing Fantastic Talent

I am always in AWE of the creativity in Dwayne’s head. His talents range from photography, wood working, design, building, sales, you name it he has it.

There is nothing you say or do that he can’t or won’t put a spin on while the rest of us are still just saying “Wow Beautiful.”

Our goal in White Mountain Mayhem is to share family memories in anyway we can. Memento’s of special moment’s or family members. Custom orders for those special moment’s. Births, marriages, weddings, family trees, ultra sound pictures, passing of a loved one. Our hearts are what runs our emotions and our day to day lives. We all love to share these special happy or sad times. It is a a human nature cycle we all have.

We had a grandchild pass away a few months ago. In Memorial of her, he created a plaque for her mother.

This Could be custom made with your words, your picture for your loved one. $75.00

You can also get this with no change in words without your picture for $50.00 We are working on more sayings. Check back often. This one we call Fallen branch.

We also have 2 new Great Grand Children being born to us this summer. These are special moments for our grandkids and our kids also.

This plaque can be custom made with the potential date of Baby due.

These start at $25.00 without custom additions. Contact us for estimates of customization.

Lastly today I want to share Family Tree’s. So many families are apart and do not really know where they come from. We do a family tree going back 3 generations for the immediate family. $75.00

Order form Family Tree

Our sample of a finished Family Tree. $75.00

So this is a small sample of what Dwayne does, His interests run from nature to family, to Cute and witty, Slightly naughty. Sarcastic and loving. That is what makes a well rounded creative on all levels person. You just never know what is going to strike his interest each day.

Thank you for visiting our website. Blessings to all and let us know what you think about us.

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